learnglassblowing.com © www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  “Getting Started In Glassblowing” Videos THE VIDEO LIBRARY  The video library consists of four CD’s, relating a complete rendering of each of the projects,  from start to finish in real time.  Videos are made from an “over the shoulder” angle, depicting  the hand operations to manipulate the glass in the fire.  It is as if you are standing behind the  glassblower as he describes his actions as the glass is formed in the flame.  The instruction  manual CD gives you the written word to guide you in the construction steps, then you can  watch the actual motions in the flame needed to transform glass rod or tubing to an animal, or  other glass figure.  Ideally, mastering these glass figures will encourage you to fashion other,  more personalized ones.  Glass is a magic medium of expression, and the sky is the limit of  producing your very own “whimsies”.    It was a tradition in the glass shops of old that after the days work was done, and the pots of  glass were left to cool, apprentices were encouraged to work up glass figures on their own, and  these so called “whimsies” served to inspire them to outdo each other to make the most  realistic figures.  After a day of working molds for the glassblowers making bottles or flasks,  time was set aside for these apprentices to make objects of their very own, just for fun, or  perhaps for gifts to a fair lady. When you master the techniques described in my manual, you  are reenacting the “fun time” of these early glass workers.   Everybody is fascinated with  seeing what we visualize as a solid become molten and fashioned into an artistic being.  And in  a matter of moments, becomes solid again, and catches the light and sparkles with a spectrum  of colors.  True magic….. Watch a free video of how to cut and fire polish beer and wine bottles to make them into drinking glasses. Click here. learnglassblowing.com