© www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  “Getting Started In Glassblowing” Video Library, By W. Joe Wheeler Video Instruction with detailed narrative by Joe Wheeler. It's like having your very own  teacher, as you look over his shoulder. You can SEE him making the projects in the manual.  Miss something? Play it again!   *  17 Videos *  Drink Stirrers  *  Icicles  *  Dolphin  *  Dogs  *   Cats  *  Hummingbird  *  Horse  *  Swans  *  Beads  *  Earrings  * Angel Fish  *  Cut and  Polish Beer Bottles  * Elephant *   learnglassblowing.com Download for only $19.95   Order the CD’s to make your own artistic glass figures by following our Instructional Manual and Video Library.   Order both the Instruction Manual and the Video Library and SAVE! Download Both for only $29.95 Get ALL of the information you need to Get Started in Glassblowing in one special offer. You will  have the Instruction Manual, the complete Video Library, and help from our website. Save 15% and  join us in this fascinating craft. Special Combination Offer! Order the set on 2 CD’s only $34.95 + $3.95 Shipping CD Version - "Getting Started in Glassblowing"Instruction Manual and Video Library  Version  Included on the CD’s:  All 17 Artistic Glassblowing Projects on Video  The Complete “Getting Started in Glassblowing” Instruction Manual  "Getting Started in Glassblowing", An 80 Page Instruction Manual by W. Joe Wheeler The Instruction Manual includes: * The History of Glassblowing * Detailed Instruction to Set Up a Glassblowing Bench * Tools, Torches and Equipment * Glass Rotation Techniques * Step-by-Step Instruction for 15 Glass Projects * Trade Secrets, Hints, and Tricks Your complete descriptions of the basic techniques, with tips learned over 60+ years of glassblowing. Download for only $14.95 Instructional Materials for Getting Started In Glassblowing