© www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  Cut and Polish Beer and Wine Bottles. Watch the video...choose your Internet connection speed. This craft project will introduce you to flame-working glass bottles and producing handsome juice or beer glasses. Choose bottles with fired-on ceramic labels, cut them off and fire polish the cut edge. Amaze your friends with your novel kitchen or bar ware. It's not magic! I'll show you how...   Make an Angel Fish Pendant Watch the video...choose your connection speed. Using clear and colored glass rods learn the glass rotation techniques to make an angel fish pendant.   learnglassblowing.com The possibilities of creating in glass from your own imagination are endless and it will  become evident to you that it is no wonder that glass has survived the ages as a medium of  artistic expression. Novelty glassblowing has its roots in the glass houses of old. When the  fires were put out under the glass pots and before the glass cooled, the workers were  allowed to use the remaining glass in the pot to make animals, vases, jewelry and other  objects as gifts for friends and relatives. This glass, called “whimsies” by the workers,  became the artistic expression of the glassblowers' skills. Eventually glass houses sprang  up dedicated to their manufacture. Your glassblowing bench is a modern day revival of this  ancient tradition. You will be duplicating the motions of the first bead makers in the forests of  Austria, the glass workers of Murano and Venice, as well as developing “objects de art” of  your very own. I will tell you how to set up a shop or bench in your basement, garage or  even in a spare room. Not like a craft or hobby in wood or metal, where elaborate machinery  is needed, the glass working equipment is relatively inexpensive. Compared to most  hobbies, it is very portable and can even be set up at a fair, a bazaar or art show.